Intermittent Internet Connection Issues Linksys EA8300

Hey everyone,

I've been experiencing an odd issue where I completely lose my internet connection on all devices (wired/wireless) intermittently.

I don't immediately identify anything out of the ordinary in the logs.

I still have access to LuCI when the issue occurs.

I can also confirm my modem still shows an internet connection.

Any thoughts?

Have you tried restarting the WAN interface when this happens?

I have to no avail :frowning:

A full reboot is the only fix currently.

Have you changed the switch config in any way? Looking at the section of /etc/config/network from config switch onward might help.

(The SoC in the EA8300 has a very different way of configuring the switch than most other OpenWrt devices. LuCI doesn't completely "understand" the ipq40xx switch.)

fwiw, have you tried OpenWrt 19.07-snapshots for your EA8300 ?