Intermittent connectivity issue on Access Point WiFi VLAN

I have a device configured as an access point. WiFi works fine when WiFi is on the LAN net, but I'm having intermittent connectivity issues when WiFi is configured on a VLAN. Does anyone have any advice of what I can do to investigate/troubleshoot this issue?

My setup:
OpnSense router at <-> OpenWrt AP at


  • LAN (1)
  • VLAN10
  • VLAN20

When on VLAN20 and having intermittent connectivity issues, I can't ping:

  •,, etc.

However, I can still ping:

  • (e.g., I can still access the LUCI webpage)

This issue is intermittent as sometimes it resolves itself and I can access and the internet without issue.

Note: These VLANs via WiFi worked fine when the OpenWrt device was setup as a router.

The issue was IP address conflicts with the VLANs on the router and the bridge interface on the Access Point. I needed to either set the VLAN interface to unmanaged (if I don't need to access the AP LUCI webpage from that VLAN) or to a new static address (if I do want to access the AP's LUCI webpage from the VLAN).

For example, on VLAN 10, I had the set up as a static interface with as the static IP address. Changing the AP's static interface to fixed the issue.

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