Intermittent ability of clients to find AP in SSID scan


I have a H68K router that is not officially supported and am therefore using a snapshot build around 2023. Basically after I configure wireless on either 802.11ax or n for either 2.4ghz or 5ghz, auto or a specific address, I always see the following issue. Clients often do not see the router SSID in a scan for many minutes, and when they do if they do not connect it will "disappear" again very quickly. Established connections are maintained. This would not be so debilitating, however my pi running wpa_supplicant often never sees the H68K for many minutes as its scans need to line up with times it is broadcasting. I left settings such as beacon interval at default. Is there a way to troubleshoot whether this is a software or hardware problem? Admittedly it could be a firmware/hardware problem as my router is not officially supported and required 3rd party patches.

TLDR: Router SSID infrequently visible to clients, how to debug settings further?

Edit: Will post configs later, but they are pretty much the defaults.

Where did this build come from?

It appears you are using firmware that is not from the official OpenWrt project.

When using forks/offshoots/vendor-specific builds that are "based on OpenWrt", there may be many differences compared to the official versions (hosted by Some of these customizations may fundamentally change the way that OpenWrt works. You might need help from people with specific/specialized knowledge about the firmware you are using, so it is possible that advice you get here may not be useful.

You may find that the best options are:

  1. Install an official version of OpenWrt, if your device is supported (see
  2. Ask for help from the maintainer(s) or user community of the specific firmware that you are using.
  3. Provide the source code for the firmware so that users on this forum can understand how your firmware works (OpenWrt forum users are volunteers, so somebody might look at the code if they have time and are interested in your issue).

If you believe that this specific issue is common to generic/official OpenWrt and/or the maintainers of your build have indicated as such, please feel free to clarify.


The official build from H68K manufacturer is older but however exhibits the same issue.

You'll need to ask your questions to the maintainers of that build since we have no idea what they have done to support that device. Your device has never been supported by the official OpenWrt project.

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