Interfaces using different VPN's

There are no "Service Gateways" being reported in your image. It's as if it's not running properly.
Was it like that since you installed the (pbr) package?

When i installed it was fine.

I did a reboot and got this

Don't mine the error :sweat_smile:

In the image, what has been entered in the "local address/devices fields?
I can see 192.168.4... and 192.168.1...
Post the rest of what is in those 2 fields.

it's been posted previously.

thes ip adresses, these are from the interface

Post the contents of "/etc/config/vpn-policy-routing"

This is an interesting mystery. :slightly_smiling_face:

But this not the gateway where it is linked with

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 2.046 ms
2 *
3 16.739 ms
4 14.968 ms
5 16.928 ms
6 17.310 ms
7 20.809 ms
8 15.781 ms
9 15.959 ms

config vpn-policy-routing 'config'
	option verbosity '2'
	option strict_enforcement '1'
	option src_ipset '0'
	option dest_ipset '0'
	option resolver_ipset 'dnsmasq.ipset'
	option ipv6_enabled '0'
	list ignored_interface 'vpnserver wgserver'
	option boot_timeout '30'
	option iptables_rule_option 'append'
	option procd_reload_delay '1'
	option webui_show_ignore_target '0'
	option webui_sorting '1'
	list webui_supported_protocol 'tcp'
	list webui_supported_protocol 'udp'
	list webui_supported_protocol 'tcp udp'
	list webui_supported_protocol 'icmp'
	list webui_supported_protocol 'all'
	option webui_enable_column '1'
	option webui_protocol_column '1'
	option webui_chain_column '1'
	option enabled '1'

config include
	option path '/etc/'
	option enabled '0'

config include
	option path '/etc/'
	option enabled '0'

config policy
	option name 'safevpn'
	option src_addr ''
	option interface 'safevpn'

config policy
	option name 'regularvpn'
	option src_addr ''
	option interface 'regularvpn'

Do i miss something or do i need to add something more?

It looks good.
Not sure why "safevpn" and "regularvpn" are not being routed through their respective tunnels.

How do you normally route interface to a specific gateway?

I think this doesn't need to be that hard.

I've got mine setup as 2 vlans and choose which interface to route through. One goes via wan and the other via the vpn gateway. Works well.

For some unknown reason to me, pbr is not redirecting "safevpn" and "regularvpn".

how did you do it, and can i have some files to test it?

and you are using pbr?

I'm going out for a few hours. Be back later.

Yes I'm using pbr for routing

I notice you're using the latest openwrt 21.02. This uses the new dsa model.
I've got it running on 19.07 which uses the old switch service.
I tried updating to 21.02 on my edgerouter and now everything is broken.

I'll have to start from scratch. Ugghh!!!

Did you do a fresh install or a sysupgrade?

The settings from previous firmware doesn't work with the new one. Had to do a fresh installation.
Unfortunately it keeps crashing after 30 min or so.

Pulled out a wrt1900acs from the cupboard and configured the router using the new dsa method.
Works a treat.

I used the mini dsa tutorial to setup the 2 vlans.

Does pbr also working?

Pbr is working. (LAN) vlan goes via vpn tunnel, and vlan (IoT) goes via the default (WAN) gateway.