Interfaces using different VPN's

Hello, who can help with this setup?
I'm using PBR in luci

I like to have 2 interfaces using tun0 (safevpn) and another 2 interfaces using tun1(regularvpn)

I did this but it won't work.
Am I doing it good or do I need to do some more settings?

what won't work...?

That some interfaces going to one vpn, and some others going threw another VPN.

I like to need help how to set this up

What's in the local addresses fields?

The content's cut off.

I have interfaces and like to do this to tun1 to tun1 to tun1 to tun0 to tun0

Looking at your graphic the service is not enabled.

I thought someone will say this, but I had it enabled.
I made a screenshot when it was disabled because I where also trying something different

How have you deduced, that it does not work?

Make sure the default gateway is the wan interface.

I used the interface of and had not the good op adres, this was also for the other interface

Where do I need to put that in and where?

The info is in the link I posted above.

Run 'tracert', or 'traceroute' for device with

i have read it.

list pull_filter 'ignore "redirect-gateway"'

just pas it in /etc/config/openvpn?

Are you using *.ovpn files uploaded to the router?

yes i do use ,ovpn files

Add the line below to all the *.ovpn files uploaded to the router.

pull-filter ignore "redirect-gateway"

Done this but it's using my regular gateway instead of the vpn

What i want is interface w and x going threw vpn 1
and interface y and z going threw vpn 2

do i need Policy-Based Routing or could this done in the firewall custom rules settings?

In policy based routing, what is the default gateway being shown?
There should be a tick next to the gateway.

I now have this