Interface iptv and wan needs to restart manually after reboot

installed the latest version of openwrt. OpenWrt 23.05.0 r23497-6637af95aa
there is a problem that i am facing. this is the ss of interfaces.

i have made two software vlans. my isp provide vlan 10 for internet and vlan 20 for iptv. i also made a new br-iptv bridge and added wan vlan 20 and lan4 in it after removing lan4 from br-lan. the problem iam facing that after reboot neither my tv get traffic from vlan20 nor my internet connects and get public ip. i have to manually stop iptv interface and then my wan connects automatically in few seconds, after that i just restart iptv interface and tv also start working. But i want it to no do this, since i'm using my router to check cameras etc with wireguard, and if for some reason like power outage, my router restarts i will have no way to remotely restart the interfaces to make it start working again. can anyone help with this?