Interface Dying on WRT1900ACS Running 19.07.7

I have a WRT1900ACS currently running 19.07.7. I am using the Switch to created an untagged VLAN on LAN4 to create a DMZ of sorts. This works perfectly fine under minimal load.

However, if I transfer large amounts of data between my LAN and the interface assigned to the VLAN (LAN4), the VLAN interface dies and becomes unresponsive. I've tried restarting numerous services and the only thing that brings the interface back is a reboot.

Additionally, I've combed through the logs very meticulously (I even have them sent to a syslog server to maintain history) and there is no indication of any errors or issues around the time the interface dies.

I've been fighting this issue for many months and my only solution at this point is to try to throttle traffic between the two interfaces. I would greatly appreciate any help that can be provided in resolving this issue.

Thank you!