Interface color

Not exactly a critical issue, but I would like to change the color of each interface (and firewall zone) in luci. The interface element is "div.ifacebox-head". Maybe a dev knows? I think it might have to do something with a variable %=c%.

Interfaces follow the firewall zone, which gets its color from the hashed zone name. (It looks first like randomized, but as the random function is seeded with name-based hash, it is not actually random, I think. lan and wan have pre-defined colors.)

So, there is no actual config setting of the color for each zone.

Thanks for the info! I noticed that the color stay the same when changing the zone/interface name in /etc/config/firewall and network. If it's not too much trouble, do you know where the hashed names are stored, so I can try replacing the hashes with each other, thereby hopefully swapping color between zones?

To my knowledge they are not stored anywhere. It is always calculated.

just look at the source code... :wink:

Just a crude idea but if you want to tailor the colors, your best bet might be to just slightly editing & testing with zone names trying to achieve roughly the desired effect. Notice how changing the last char changes the color:

Hmm, I actually did that exact same search, but it didn't leave me any wiser. It seemed like they had to be stored somewhere, since I changed the name of my lan zone/interface, but it still got the same color.
But editing the zone name does get the job done! thanks again.