Interesting future OpenWRT device? Huwaei hn8255ws 10GbE home router

These just started popping in for 10GbE home customers here in Sweden. (yes, some of us are able to get 10Gbit FTT for roughly 60$ a month). ISP is shipping these newfangled routers that seem to have 1x SFP (10Gbit), 1x10Gbe copper (for model HN8M8255WS) + 4x1GbE and full set of WiFi devices.

Reading the datasheet, router seems to consume lot of juice (up to 46W). Even if is not able to route 10GbE, the sheer amount of power used indicates (?) that there is some serious CPU underneath. I guess it would make a great OpenWRT device even for us who merely have 1Gbit FTH connections. Presence of 10GbE WAN port means that you could skip the media converter and connect incoming fiber directly into the router. WiFi seems to be good as well (5GHz up to 1000mW EIRP).

Here is the sheet:
Anyone knows more?

The specifications kind of scream Broadcom to me (its predecessors were mostly Broadcom based and the POTS ports also hint into that direction), but it's pure guesswork without high resolution pictures of the inside (or at the very least FCC IDs).

One guy just got it home and it seems that 10Gb-T copper port is on LAN side. If true, it is the ultimate OpenWrt router. 10Gb on both WAN and LAN side + 4 x 1 Gb ports + 2.4/5GHz WiFi + POTS + 45W worth of silicon. Price seems to be around 150$. You can barely buy a 10GbE networks card for that money...

If Broadcom CPU is used we should be able to port OpenWRT to it. (I wouldn't trust Huwaei firmware on anything).

If it's a Broadcom CPU, it would mean no wlan or POTS/ FXS support 'ever'.

With max 46W TDP, it wouldn't surprise me if it was mini x86 Atom with discrete WLAN, 4x LAN, 10GbE-T components on the motherboard :smiley: One wonders what firmware is based on in such case...

Edit: it's predecessors seem to use HiSilicon Arm SoC: