Interest for Crowdfunding Open Source hardware?

It seems like newer hardware tends to be less open to have OpenWrt installed with sufficient access to make a good OpenWrt system would it not be an interesting option to raise enough money through Crowdfunding to have a company create a wireless add-on that can be connected via USB3 port or UART to something like a Raspberry Pi to give it the modern wireless capabilities of WiFi6 routers, but giving OpenWrt full control of everything (agree with the vendor to supply open source drivers).

Would there be enough interest for such a device in this community? I would back such a development

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Someone had that idea already. If you search the #hardware-questions-and-recommendations section you will find the respective topic.

The new (next ?) GlobalScale Technologies look very promising !

Robert Marko from Sartura already PR the support in Mainline Linux and also into OpenWrt :


Not sure it will happen easily...
Mobile and Wireless devices are mostly to not say all closed source !

Indeed, but if you give them enough money they might just go for it. Then it should be a very successful campaign

That looks very promising. I just pledged for the OpenWrt version.

What benefit does the WiFi6 MiniPCIe card version have over the other WiFi6 one?

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I don't understand ?
What do you mean ?
There is only one version proposed for WiFi6, it is a miniPCIe.

It could just be different wording for the same thing, but one is mentioning a Wi-Fi6 AP, the other a Wi-Fi 6 Module and the last is a Wi-Fi6 MiniPCIe card.

Yes, I think there is a lot of wording mistake ! :wink:

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