Interceptty- openwrt and wifi serial connected WVC inverters

probably not too many people who use openwrt as a base for and energy monitor. but I do because of it very small stable foot print ( the compressed OS is only 10meg -- compared to 100s meg for other OS's) -- but anyways for those who might want to here a piece of software that allows you to collect data on WVC micro inverters.. it based on the use of interceptty a serial port sniffer with in the software package there is a precompiled version of intercepty that works on all versions of openwrt +17 you will need grep, stty for it to work-- if you want to use the inverter monitoring software you will need collectd-mqtt , jq, pkill bc, tac and bash installed you can then setup statistic network to send to your database of choice ie influxdb either locally or remotely or use the local RDD database of collectd you just need to configure luci to display it - see my previous posts on collectd-mqtt on how to do that .
for openwrt versions +18 ( contains the precompiled interceptty)
for openwrt versions +17 ( does not require jq)

it produce this type of data output at terminal but also sends data out via mqtt to where ever your instance of collectd mqtt exist or other databases.

or to a localize version of influxdb running on an openwrt router
( you can send to domoticz just need to alter mqtt to work with it format requirements)