Intel i350-T4 Questions For Lenovo M720Q Tiny

This baffle is not really necessary, it's purely aesthetic. the card doesn't really need it to be in place. for less than $10 it's ok...but if you're a little cheap you can forget it

Do I need to worry if the i350 t4 is 8x or16x when it comes to installing in a x16 slot or is it backwards comptabile (installation wise)?

I actually messaged him the other day, currently waiting for a response.

I agree. But want to make sure that everything is going to work smoothly, and don't have to end up doing returns, or getting the wrong card because I didn't bother to ask people who are more experienced.

How would you secure the card without the baffle?

The I340-T4 is a Pcie x4 card, so it will fit in all Pcie x16, x8 and x4 slots. Don't worry about that !!! :rofl:

it doesn't need to be secured, look like everything is calculated to keep the card in place.

oh cool, thank you!

I did a little more digging about the cards and apperantly there a lot of fakes being sold.

Would it be safe to assume that getting one of these cards for around $100.00 used is duable (apperantly new ones can be $300 and up).

Found this one for example on ebay

price is not a good indicator. otherwise they would sell them all for $100 :sweat_smile:
i read that counterfeit cards doesn't have the DELTA embossed in the chips.
Here is mine, i bought it 30€

counterfeit cards have DELTA printed on the chips, not embossed :

but most of time it's hard to see on the sellers pictures, they could also use photos of genuine cards and send you counterfeit cards...

Thank you for this. This should help :slight_smile:

When it comes to wifi, how well do usb wifi adapters with openwrt? Specially when using it in a wan setup?

I got a little worried because there was user complaining that the x16 risers where not working and only the 4x riser would work.

there are mPCIe/NGFF card supporting AC/AX in openwrt, you just need to get the right one.

From What i've read the wan card ports are actually whitelisted in the this model, so I was thinking about using a usb wifi adapter.

Pretty sure there are modded BIOSes with the whitelist removed, they exist for laptops.

These wifi adapters should work

in order to get something compact, personnaly i wouldn't go with a usb dongle, nor use the internal mpcie slot. i'd rather use somehting like the netgear wax214 placed on the hood of the m720q.

Ah I forgot to specify, the usb wifi is for being able to connect wirelessly to a second router in the house.

I am having a hard time coming across a seller on ebay with a good reputation.

How ever found this on amazon:

Do you think this would work just as well?

seriously ?

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Seems very expensive...
The official I350-T4 from Lenovo FRU 03T8760 / part number 4XC0R41416
can be found for this price is you search on google
and they give the baffle + Riser.

For this price i would even go for a multigigabit X550-T2 10/5/2.5/1G :sweat_smile:

original from Lenovo :

it's too long though, 21+ cm.

thank you very much! Purchased! :slight_smile:
and yeah i kept getting these results with sellers with bad feed back.

I purchased the riser a few days and its coming this week but thank you anyways :slight_smile: also that link does not allow purchasing. It probably is region based. over here it just says "shop other options"

When traveling, would this be a good device to use as a wifi connector when connecting to free wifi?

openwrt router > ethernet cable to netgear > netgear to wifi

Why not use any dual radio router, set up one radio as a wireless client, 2nd to retransmit the signal.
Make sure you route the traffic, and not only retransmit.

That took a bit of researching to understand.

So, while yes I could go with a dual radio like a cisco 1252 for example, it feels like to much to carry with the router. There might be smaller alternatives?

The build was not considered for mobile use at first but now currently is.

Would using a dual radio ap connected using a ethernet cable to my openwrt router be the best solution to connect to wireless networks?

My mobile devices would connect to the openwrt router ethernet via the quad nic card.

It's am not looking to replace the openwrt router, for personal preferences.

Image of what I'm trying to do.

Any openwrt device with two radios should be capable of doing this, if you want something really small, look at gl.inet.

Obviously you only need one radio, if you're not retransmitting.

Or, add an USB wifi stick to the M720.