Intel 2200BG on AGPF LEDE

I've installed LEDE 17.01.4 on AGPF modem/router.
I was trying to install kernel modules for my mini-pci wlan card (intel wm3b2200bg), but I noticed that there is no kmod-ipw2200 package on the repository.
I know the wlan card is working because lspci finds it.
Is there any way to use this WLAN card with LEDE ?
I just need to use it as a wifi client.

I assume you mean "Pirelli Alice Gate VoIP 2 Plus Wi-Fi Business" with AGPF, which means mips32, which in turn means big endian. The Intel ipw2200 driver however has never been tested by Intel on big endian platforms (as it was predominantly (almost exclusively) used in centrino branded x86 notebooks), accordingly the driver and firmware interface isn't endian clean and just doesn't work on big endian platforms.

define KernelPackage/libipw
  $(call KernelPackage/mac80211/Default)
  TITLE:=libipw for ipw2100 and ipw2200
  DEPENDS:=@PCI_SUPPORT +kmod-crypto-michael-mic +kmod-crypto-ecb +kmod-lib80211 +kmod-cfg80211 +@DRIVER_WEXT_SUPPORT @!BIG_ENDIAN @!LINUX_3_18
  AUTOLOAD:=$(call AutoProbe,libipw)

While this is a bug and very bad development practice, chances for this to be fixed and the driver audited for endianess conflicts over a decade after active driver development for this chipset has ceased are minimal to non-existent.

(I do realize that you only need STA mode, but) Additionally ipw2200 can't operate as AP (firmware limitation), making this a rather poor choice for access points as well.

Ok, thankyou.
I asked because I found that kmod-net-ipw2200 package in the barrier-breaker 14.07 repository, so I thought it was possible to use that package in LEDE 17.01.4
Btw I'll try to flash barrier breaker and try that.