Intalled Lede 17.0.4 WRT 1900 AC won't reboot

Installed Lede 17.0.4 WRT 1900 AC as a firmware factory install and the router won't reboot.

How do I get the router working again?

AFAIK after 3 failed boots it should switch active partition and reboot to the last running firmware. There's a way to activate partition switch manually as well.

thanks for the info. Oddly enough, after tossing and turning last night, I attacked the router and lo and behold, it was working with the new lede interface. I took your advice and rebooted the router repeatedly and zap it's working.

Again, thanks Staingri.

Was given a WRT1900AC V1, brand new never out of the box, and tried it with original Linksys firmware. Wonky is how I've heard it described. After running three hours it crashed so I tackled OpenWRT/LEDE. Impressive and a lot better than the DD-WRT I ran on WRT54G! USB writes to a USB2 NTFS are slower than the Linksys firmware but the reads are fast. Still adding things and have IPV6 running via 6rd. Thinking of adding swap to a thumb drive... :slight_smile:

I haven't had any problems with the WRT1900AC and the linksys software from the moment I installed it, which led me to believe that I had purchased a lemon -- at least for me -- because every piece of computer related equipment I've ever purchased was NFG within days of setting it up. So, when I set up the Linksys, I expected I'd be sending it back to the factory and getting a refurbished one in its place. :slight_smile:

Also found the linksys GUI interface brain dead simple to use from the gitgo.

The Lede GUI is going to take me a while to get used to,

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