Insufficient permissions to read UCI configuration

hi, all

I am using the Lastest version of openwrt source to compile a x86_64 img using the uBuntu 18 linux.
the way of get source as follows:
git clone
opkg install luci-app-chinadns

all the comile and installation is fine. but in the router webside I can not config I got the wrong message below:
Insufficient permissions to read UCI configuration
I have tried different way many time,
Is there anybody time how can I do?


There is no luci-app-chinadns in the main LuCI repo.
You need to ask the author to fix his app to match the current LuCI ACL recuirements.

yes, there is no luci-app-chinadns.
in fact, I encountered the same problem in “ luci-app-shadowsocks.
no matter I compiled with in the openwrt source or installed them alone.
Sometimes I got prolem:
"RPC call to uci/get failed with ubus code 6: Permission denied at ClassConstructor.handleCallReply"

The same is true for me. The lede compiled by myself is normal after installation. After installing acme, acme-dnsapi and luci-app-acme, the web pages are all Insufficient permissions to read UCI configuration.

That is probably because luci-app-acme is maintained by @tohojo outside the normal LuCI repo, where pretty much all LuCI packages are, so luci-app-acme got left out from the general ACL support addition that @jow did to all LuCI packages.

Huh, maybe it's time to move luci-app-acme to the luci repo as well, since things seem to keep happening there. For now I've pushed an update to the acme package with the missing acl annotation...

even the luci-app-v2ray, luci-app-shadowsocks-libev, ... etc in the repo also have the same problem.

@tohojo It appears the package also needs an additional file adding. It needs to add 'luci-app-acme.json' to the '/usr/share/rpcd/acl.d' directory otherwise nothing seems to show up in luci. Once I added the file with the following contents it all reappeared in luci again:

        "luci-app-acme": {
                "description": "Grant UCI access for luci-app-acme",
                "read": {
                        "uci": [ "acme" ]
                "write": {
                        "uci": [ "acme" ]

Apologies if you were already aware. Thanks.

Huh, no, I hadn't noticed that. Decided it was easier to just finally go ahead and push luci-app-acme to the luci repository. See - testing and review welcome :slight_smile:

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also this issus,fixed.