Instructions for expanding SD card filesystem

Hi, the instructions on the wiki for expanding the SD card filesystem need to be updated for f2fs:

I had to replace the "fsck" and "resize2fs" commands with "fsck.f2fs" and "resize.f2fs" respectively for my 64GB sd card. There is some text on that page indicating that the overlay can be ext4 or f2fs, but nothing that describes how to check which one it is, and what commands to use in each case.

There are threads in the installation forum about people having trouble with this, including one just a few days ago (Expand SquashFS on SD Card: error superblock).



I've done it several times now, the easy steps to expand are:

  • burn SDCard
  • use cfdisk to expand (resize + write)
  • boot the device

Could you try it ?

I already fixed my problem, and I don't have a spare device to experiment with. I agree expanding the partition before first boot seems like the best. Unfortunately the wiki page doesn't say that, so I didn't know I should do that!

I want to make sure the documentation gets updated - can someone with write access to the wiki update it?