Installing webserver and Hauk


FYI, Hauk is this
I am looking to install a webserver (lighttpd?) to run the Hauk backend.
I tried it before with lighttpd but ran into problems

Could someone help out as my linux/openwrt skills aren't the best.

Notice you need a PHP server, not just any web server...

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I would also suggest nothing less than nginx or Apache if exposed to wireless (which makes it effectively “public”, from a security standpoint).

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I will be exposing to WAN via a ddns. (was thinking to somehow expose via openvpn but it will be too complicated)
Having a look at both, it seems apache would be easier to install.
Would this be the general consensus? or would you recommend nginx.

Background info, the site will barely be accessed and only by one or two users max.

If you're running 19.07 or master, nginx can be installed very easily. There is even a LuCI package ("collection") that installs and configures nginx with TLS instead of uhttpd, luci-ssl-nginx.

Personally, I find nginx configuration a lot easier than that which I recall for Apache. I switched over several years ago.

I agree. Only addition of PHP to nginx a bit more tricky. But nginx seems to have lower RAM requirements, compared to apache2.
Running nginx on openwrt for years already.

I upgraded to 19.07 and installed luci and luci-ssl-nginx

not too sure where to go from here