Installing transmission remote


I'm new to lede and openwrt in general. Based on my research, it seems that lede is a fork of openwrt?

If so, would I be able to use guides for installing transmission remote for openwrt for lede?

For example, this guide

For all practical purposes, you can consider that OpenWrt just changed its name to LEDE on version 17.01. Most OpenWrt documentation is 99% applicable to LEDE, being that 1% updating to the new versions of some packages, not changing anything radically.

I would just follow that guide, and report here any problems you might find.

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I'm having problems connecting via the tranmission remote gui. I was able to follow everything in the guide except I didn't understand this part.

I'm not sure if I should follow it or even how I would do so. The package for transmission remote is already installed.

If you wish to use the web server, besides installing the package (see above), you might need to whitelist your IP address (if it is not in via option rpc_whitelist ',192.168.1.*,your_ip_address' in the transmission configuration. By default, the server listens on port 9091. ie.

Yes, you should configure that part too, and adapt it to your network configuration.

Is this what I do?
use vi to edit /etc/config/transmission and change the default line in the config from

option rpc_whitelist ',192.168.1.*'


option rpc_whitelist ',192.168.1.*,your_ip_address'

If I let my main router set the ip address of my pc, would I have to first assign a static ip to my pc so I can put the ip in your_ip_address?

192.168.1.* means "any IP address from to; you do not need to put there the exact IP address of each device.

I solved my problem by googling for the default password for transmission.

I installed the transmission-daemon-ssl package. When I checked the use ssl option to connect, I get this error. It works fine if I uncheck it.