Installing some packages from OpenWrt

I'm implementing a router for commercial purposes, I have a SOC from specific vendor which contains its own SDK that contains kernel and drivers layer.
My responsibility is to build the application layer which should integrate with the SDK.
Is it possible to get these packages from OpenWrt and install it on my SOC ?
If yes, please set a link for support.

Note: I didn't have a certain vendor yet, I'm comparing between 4 vendors (Mediatek, Realtek, Lantiq and Qualcomm) but the common point is that all of them has its own SDK.

Thank you.

it's your black box hw, running your black box OS, and you're asking us ?

yeah, right.

Instead of your unhelpful sarcastic reply, you could have asked me for more details about my solution !

or you could have provided the details in your 1st post ?

fine, go ahead, spill the secrets.

You have to ask your paid SDK. So far you did not even disclose the big secret if it is BSD or vxworks.

I have updated the post for this

I'm not sure that your (revised) post contains enough information for you to really get an answer, but I'd recommend that you start by reading through the documentation for how to add new device support as well as the toolchain/build system.

Basically, if your SoC and other relevant hardware (i.e. physical network interfaces, etc.) is already supported by the official project, you can presumably use the existing infrastructure to create the hardware specific definitions and then create an image that contains all the required drivers. It's not exactly simple in cases where there isn't another device that is closely related (for example, two routers that share many of the same major components), but also isn't re-inventing the wheel.

If your SoC isn't supported, that becomes a major effort -- but you're welcome to dig in and add said support.

If these links are not helpful, you'll need to either provide significantly more detail, or ask the vendor of your SoC/hardware/SDK for help with the development process.


In general, those external SDKs that are "based on OpenWrt" tweak compiler options, CPU options, C libraries etc., causing packages to likely be incompatible in binary executable sense.

Generally those are also based on ancient non-supported versions of OpenWrt. (21.02, 19.07, 18.06 etc.) So, nothing in current OpenWrt build infra supports them.

But you are free to download the (ancient) sources from the respective OpenWrt package feeds etc., modify/update/patch the packages Makefiles etc. to match your needs and to compile your own package downloads repos from those.


In general, no. In some rare cases, if the SDK is tightly based on OpenWrt, some packages might work, and some packages might be compatible when rebuilt.

You should ask your vendor, really.

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