Installing snapshot on Orange Pi One Plus


I am trying to installing snapshot on Orange Pi One Plus

I downloaded the image from Firmware OpenWrt Install URL:

and used the install instruction:

gzip -d openwrt-*-sysupgrade.img.gz
dd if=openwrt-*-sysupgrade.img of=/dev/sdX

I could not able to connect to the serial interface nor get a hdmi output.

I tryed several SD card.
Also if i using other distro i can connect bought.

I wonder what could be the problem?

Thank you

I checked the SD card content and it is looks good to me.
When the board is powered up RJ45 leds are blinking.
I am not seen any DHCP address was given to the board.
No serial connection

But modifiing the network config file on the sd card i was able to gain access

be default, openwrt starts with a DHCP server running, not DHCP client.

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