Installing shadowsocks

I have installed the shadowsocks client on my router running the latest version of OpenWrt, including shadowsocks-client, shadowsocks-libev-config, shadowsocks-libev-ss-redir, shadowsocks-libev-ss-rules and luci-app-shadowsocks-libev. However, under Services, I have Shadowsocks-libev but not the menu that I found on various websites when configuring shadowsocks. In this section I see Local Instances, Remote Servers and Redir Rules.

I am not sure how I need to configure these various sections with the exception of Remote Servers which I have configured to work against my own shadowsocks server. However, I have not been able to connect to my shadowsocks server even though other shadowsocks clients on my phones can connect there, thus the server itself runs fine.

What do I need to configure in Local Instances and Redir Rules to get shadowsocks client working on my router?

Thank you.

Sorry for the late reply.

Note that shadowsocks-client is another shadowsocks client that provides functionality similar to ss-local of shadowsocks-libev. It's not actively maintained and will not appear in the next release.

As for those shadowsocks-libev-xxx packages, they have a file in .

As for the LuCI app, short version is that you configure parameters for accessing remote ss servers in "Remote Servers" tab. You configure what to run on your local box in "Local Instances" (ss-local, ss-redir, ss-tunnel, etc.). You configure rules of directing traffic through ss-redir in "Redir Rules".

Thank you. I have not had a need to get shadowsocks-libev up and running until now. I have a shadowsocks server I have no problem connecting to using the Android shadowsocks client but the many setting options and possibilities of the OpenWrt shadowsocks-libev components are too complex for me...

I looked at the but can still not get it to work... Is there an even simpler recipe to get my OpenWrt router to tunnel all traffic to my own shadowsocks server? Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Please share output of check commands in the recipe.