Installing second router

Hi i have zbt openWrt 4G router supporting wifi4 i want to upgrade my network router to wifi6 therfore i will buy new network router support wifi 6 , the thing is how to build the first router to behave only as Modem and second router to be the one which distrbuting intertnet through lan ports and wifi6 please advice me what to do !!

What you problably want to do is simply turn off the wifi on your existing ZBT device, and then setup your new device as a dumb AP. This configuration will keep the existing router mostly as-is (including the modem + routing) but then all of the wifi duties will be handled by the new Wifi 6 unit.

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But i want the new device to be not a dumb AP , i want it to be a Router so i can use the new GiGbyte ports on the new router ). I need to link a wire from zbt Ethernet port to the Wan port on second router? And if yes. What configuration i need on second router to get the puplic ip from first router which I'm going disable Wifi on it so it behaves only as modem )

I don't personally know of a way to turn it into a modem-bridge device (that would pass the public IP through). Maybe others can comment.

But even without that, you could disable NAT masquerading on the 2nd device and then add a static route to the first device. This would avoid double NAT by providing symmetric routing. Then, the first device is technically routing, but your wifi 6 router would have the routing responsibilities for everything behind it.

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Hi again) lets say I'm going to buy wifi6E AP and ill link it to my zbt 4G router by a cable and then disabled the zbt wifi , i will be able to enjoy the new generation of network speed and coverage or my router will effects this? By the way my router has gigabyte Ethernet ports by the thing is it has only wifi4 technology on it. (. So by adding a dumb wifi6E unit i will get faster network?)

Likely, your speeds will be limited by either the ISP 'speed tier' you've subscribed to or your modem/router's throughput. I'd guess that your ISP speed is going to be the slowest thing... adding a new wifi AP won't improve that, of course, but it will likely improve lan connectivity if you're transferring large files between computers on your network.

To better answer the question:

  • What speed service do you expect based on your subscription?
  • What speeds to you achieve when you run a speed test with a computer connected via wifi (ideally within a few meters distance and in the same room as the ZTE device)?
  • And if you use the wired ethernet connection to your computer (instead of wifi), what do you achieve?

Yes this true , but i would like to improve my internal network speed because i have 4 k NVR system and some other devices connected to the wifi such as smart light switches , curtains switches , so i guess by improving my local network speed the network respond will be much better and faster when i try to access those devices locally ).

Correct. And for local traffic, the router is not involved at all.

From what I understand, you want to use another router with different settings than the first router? If so, that's pretty simple.

  1. Plug the cable into the LAN port on your Router 1 and the other end of the cable into the WAN port on Router 2.

Don't forget to change router 2's IP address.It will connect automatically by DHCP from Router 1

If you want to isolate this connection with Router 2 more, you can create a VLAN with a different IP address and a new zone rule in the FIREWALL for WAN

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My first router is a 4 G zbt router. The thing is i want to improve the local internal network with wifi6E so i thought to do that , router number 1 the one with modem i want it to work as modem bridge only and the new generation router to provide me faster local speed bettween devices such as CCTV , smart home appliance ---act

So again the configuration in router number 2 ( i need only to change ip address so it takes it Automatically from number 1 yes?)

Another thing the ip address which router1 will gives router 2 by DHCp through Wan port .. I don't need to configure Wan port? Router2 will behaves as AP not as a router resolving puplic ip? Because i need to use the physical Lan ports of router number 2 also not just a wifi. I'm alittle confused in this part (

Regarding Vlan configuration can you explain more please?)

The dumb AP mode is almost certainly best option for your needs unless the routing performance of the ZBT unit (i.e. routing to the internet) is a bottleneck based on the SoC/CPU on that device.


You can put router 1 in bridge mode and authenticate your connection on router 2. Enter router 1 and look for the protocol of your connection.

If you do it the way I told you, router 2 will have full control of itself
In short, plug the cable into the LAN port on Router 1 and the other end of the cable into the WAN port on Router 2

About creating a vlan is very simple.
You want to create a VLAN on which router 1 or 2?

My 4G ZBT router is openWrt one connected on (Qmi protcol ), how to put it in bridge mode? Can you explain or maybe send me an Article ?

Regarding to Vlan for router2 and its non openwrt

OpenWrt supports this protocol, download this luci-proto-qmi package and restart your router.

Do you know why the router 1 bridge? Do you have connection credentials?

Hi again i have this package downloaded luci-proto-qmi. And my modem connected to internet and working normaly

Look this

Thanks for the link !! But i was trying add bridge ports. I only. Find eth0 i couldnt find. Eth1 why do you think so?

I was read some artical , i set up qmi modem and get wwan0 so its working next step i need to go to ( devices) and set up a bridge for ( wwan0 + port lan1) it means that the 4G modem will do a connection with port Lan1 interface , puplic ip address will pass through to second router ? Or I'm wrong