Installing Packages on OpenWrt

So I have this TP-Link WR740N, on which I installed OpenWrt. Now the thing is it doesn't have a USB port, and some packages are more bigger in size than the internal storage of the router. Then I found some ways to install and use packages from localhost i.e. hard drive on a pc, connected via LAN, but this seems useless if the PC is turned off. Now I am assuming that if I could let the basic packages, needed for the firmware to work properly, installed on the router and could install other required packages on localhost.

You need a router with larger storage.


I thought you succeeded in doing this?

I'm not sure how system files would respond to that; but I assume you could somehow make symbolic links to the network drive. Just understand you may suffer serious issues trying to use this setup. I don't think it will work.

You're right, there are challenges in depending on a remote file system.

You might want to look at building your own images if there are just a few that you "need" to install. Past that, your best bet is a new router. A decent new, single-band one can be had for under US$20 and not much more for one that handles both bands. Many suggestions and opinions in the (long) thread:

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thanks for showing interest guys @lleachii @jeff. I do understand, this could create a problem while depending on local storage. But, there are basically 8 different categories of packages, speaking in layman's language; Base, Kernel, Luci, Management, Packages, Routing, Targets and Telephony.
Now the distribution feed of these looks like this:

src/gz chaos_calmer_base http//
src/gz chaos_calmer_luci http//
src/gz chaos_calmer_packages http//
src/gz chaos_calmer_routing http//
src/gz chaos_calmer_telephony http//
src/gz chaos_calmer_management http//

What if I change the Feed Link for Packages Folder to my localhost?
Like This -

src/gz chaos_calmer_packages

Is it going to help me install the contents of Packages Repository on local storage, without hampering other packages required for the router to work properly?

And if this is gonna work according to you guys or anyone else, please do tell me if I need to do anything else with OpenWrt CLI, like execute some commands or something.

AND Yes I could easily buy a new router, but I was wondering to see if this works or not.... HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED..



Why are you using an outdated version with known security weakness?

No; and I'm frankly confused at what you're trying to accomplish by doing this. If you make that change, you're telling your router that you downloaded the entire 15.05.1 repository to the drive. This simply means that when you do install a package, that it's available from your local server, and not over the Internet. That has nothing to do with the end install (aside from where packages are located used for said install).

That's a FAR stretch from what I said:

This phrase is quite confusing. Localhost in networking refers to this machine. Yet you describe your drive as being a network drive on the LAN (not localhost).

Yes, you'd have lots of commands to execute. I was somewhat describing rigging the root file system and fooling it via symbolic links to use folders on the network drive. There are various reasons you may run into snags, though.

I'll have to admit to you, though...if you're under the impression that changing the feed fixes the issue, you may be happier buying a new router that suits your needs.

Also, this is the URI of a Webserver, not a Network Drive. You've shown no information that you actually have a network drive setup already.