Installing packages from an older build

Hello !
Just a quick question. For my router i've been checking older builds ( Barrier Breaker and Chaos Calmer ) and i could find much newer packages.
For example, on Barrier Breaker, Asterisk in telephony is on version 18. While on LEDE the one i'm using, it's only version 11 and 13...

Why could that happen ? And can i install packages from an older build ? Any way to do it ?

You're mixing up asterisk v1.8 with v18, the later doesn't even exist so far.


ohh. my bad

regardless of asterisk, can i install packages designed for older builds but for the same architecture ?

No, different libc and other library dependencies.


Can you provide some specs from your router? Like, what target/device is it? If it's still supported by OpenWrt there should be Asterisk packages to go along with it. Post some details about your router and I'll check.

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Thank you so much for you will to help.
But you know, why bother with trying to install them and end up with broken packages or missing dependencies, plus wasting sooo much time to the point that it's not worth it.

Thank you soo much by the way and special thanks to slh, his 2 answers helped me correct lots of misunderstandings

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