Installing OVS on OpenWrt router

I heard reports that you could install the Open Virtual Switch on the openwrt routers.
Could someone confirm? This would be super cool if possible.

What are the recommended routers for this? I suppose we will need one with big ram and faster cpu.


it was possible... at least I think in 18... or was it master around 6 months before 19 came out...

point is... there are teething hiccups due to the fluidity of both codebases... / kopts / labor intensive porting...

looking at the Makefile... seems you'll be wanting a 4.9/4.14 base for 'in-tree', x64 (maybe armhf ) would be the safest bet... ( probably 18.x )

edit: installs on my 19.x x64 vm... it's 4.14 so maybe that will be ok too... ( for in-tree ) ... later kernels i think you have to use the 'upsteam' variants ( which are likely more unstable )

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Thanks. I will try the 18.06. Hope it's not taking lots of efforts.

I found this package, but this on the old LEDE version though.

I am looking for it in newer releases via
I don't see any entries so far.

openvswitch is available in 19.07:[Name_pkg-dependencies*~]=openvsw

Thank you so much! You saved my life :slight_smile:


So I tried to search for this package which says that is released in OpenWrt-19.07.0.

However searching for the package in my router's system->software page, I am getting this popup:

 **The package  *openvswitch*  is not available in any configured repository.**

I suppose I need to manually install this package, correct? I guess because it is in community packages?

This is my firmware: OpenWrt 19.07.3 r11063-85e04e9f46 / LuCI openwrt-19.07 branch git-20.136.49537-fb2f363.

I think I figured this out. My router's cpu arch is not supported by this package.

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