Installing over wifi only

I have an Asus RT-AX53U. I’d like to install the latest release, but all I have here is an old (and I mean like 1st generation) Apple Airport, and my phone and an ipad.

Right now, the Asus is connected to the Airport, and Airport is connected to the WAN.

None of the devices (ipad and phone) I have have an ethernet port I can plug into.

IIRC the default config is that wifi is disabled, and the WAN port is firewalled.

So if I flash this router, can I get to it over wifi? Or should I just leave well enough alone? should work

depending on the current version of openwrt, you might also be able to keep the settings across the releases.

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Wired ethernet connectivity for the firstboot situation and potential problems is a hard requirement. While frollic is right about uci-defaults providing some means to mitigate that, you still want/ need it.

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You can (and should, if you will be messing with networking configurations), get a usb to Ethernet adapter. just a few days ago, I used a lightning to usb adapter and a usb Ethernet adapter to connect my phone to an OpenWrt router. I performed an upgrade, extroot, package installation, and config restore all from my iPhone.


For posterity…. Since I had the old Apple Airport, I connected the Airport WAN to port 1 LAN on the Asus, and connected my iPad via wifi to the Airport. Tested that it would forward SSH to the Asus.

Flashed the Asus, and had a moment of panic since Termios (the app I use on my iPad) would not connect via SSH to the flashed Asus. Tried a few others and finally hit on an app (Termina#) that would connect via ssh without a password.

All is good now, OpenWRT is running, configured and ready to go.

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