Installing original firmware on gl inet x750 spitz

I did a reset on the device and when i goto with the NO PASSWORD SET error. I sign in under root and previous password before reset and Im sent to I have no idea what to do at this point! The regular interface isnt there and I dont know how to get to it. The router/modem has a tmobile sim in it but it does not see tmobile. Somehow, Im getting internet as I type this but when I goto speedtest, and it shows Im either hooked up to cox or dedinet. The router is LANd to the laptop and the laptop wireless is off. ROOter shows up as wifi on my phone even though I never set it up or set it up with a password. Im sorry this is sucha NOOB question and I realize someone so inexperienced shouldnt be doing this but Im stuck at the moment and need help. thanks for your time.

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What did you install, and how did you install it?

i installed the most recent golden orb from march 2020

I downloaded the bin file and I installed it using the initial firmware that came in the device.

doesn't sound like stock OpenWRT to me, you should direct your questions to the creator of the image(s).

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that's another question too. How would I go about installing the original firmware without using the current firmware, since I can't really get to it? Through tftp server?

The current firmware is from

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Like I said, ask at ofmodemsandmen, it's their fw you're running.