Installing OpenWrt support for CF-WR754AC


it's been a long time since I used openwrt (behind once linksys wrt54g 2016/2018? )

congratulations on the journey!

sorry for my terrible english, not my mother tongue :frowning:

I would like to install openwrt on comfast cf-754ac.
I saw on the forum that some had succeeded.
but to tell the truth, I don't know in which order to take the information and what to do.?
can anyone help me or give me the right direction?

thank you

Where did you see it?
It's not officially supported, unless it's a clone of something else

here at the end the two last posts

Then use the instructions for the 575a3

i will doing that next week-end.
first will try an stock web interface upgrade ( but said as not work )
and second one i will try the tftp ,
hope i will not brick the device

thanks @frollic

@frollic maybe you will be interested .