Installing Openwrt on x86 machine without LAN

Looking for some tips to configure Openwrt on my PC without LAN. My pc got a WiFi interface only which I want to be on WAN side connected to my home router. I just want to setup Openwrt like a regular machine.

Is it possible?

Sure, (temporarily) attach keyboard && monitor or attach via serial console.

That being said, it will be cumbersome. Your PC will require several additional packages to make the wifi interface work, and without a network connection it will be a bit of a headache to transfer them to the OpenWrt installation. Unless you know exactly which packages you need to get wifi working and include them in a custom built image, an ext* formatted USB stick is probably your best option to transfer them, one by one.

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You can stop firewall service from firmware-selector uci-defaults script.

While true, how does this relate to anything in this thread?

Thanks for sparing some time for my query. I believe I can make transfer some files/packages even if I need to use a USB multiple times from/to my other PC. How to find out which packages are required? If I know the WiFi adapter name and model. Will it it be easy to figure out what packages are required?

Let's suppose I have all the packages installed for wifi adapter, how to configure Openwrt? I want to practice it on a Virtual Machine. I have installed it and it is running with internet access. I have attached only one adapter to this VM. and I want to use it for WAN connection and disabling LAN side altogether and accessing LUCI from WAN side to further configure Openwrt via web interface.

When this is up and working then I will do it on the my physical machine following the same pattern.

So I am looking for help/tips to configure Openwrt that way. I believe it should be possible.


The most straightforward way is to find the chipset your wifi adapter is using, and then do a bit of googling (not just on OpenWrt sites, other Linux forums or websites may give valuable hints) which of the wifi drivers and packages are suitable. If you're not running some obscure no-name device chances are that you are not the first or only one trying to get it working in Linux.

There's a guide for that.

Thanks. I have gone through both tutorials and both of them require some interface on LAN side.I got only one one WiFi interface which I want to use on WAN side and eliminating LAN side altogether. I think these are called zones? I want Openwrt behave like a normal linux host.

You can insert single uci-defaults script via imagebuilder or firmware-selector, there you can bring up wifi, disable firewall etc. Default config is only wired connection on LAN side to be used for administration.

Look at the "Command-line instructions" method further down the page which you can execute on a shell on a screen or a serial interface.