Installing Openwrt on Ubiquiti 6 plus

Hi, i just bought Ubiquiti U6+, i want to flash it with Openwrt. i searched for installation guide but i am a beginner dont know much about cli.
in that guide i could not understand why i have to download sysupgrade image (which even says that is for upgrading the device that is already on the Openwrt)
and there was a step 6 i guess in which we have to use scp to copy the image, could any of you simplify the commands for me? i dont want to break my access point.

are you referring to ?

if you don't know how to handle scp, use winscp (if you're on windows).

yes i am refering to this.
and i am using linux.

man scp FTW.

if that's what the wiki says, then that's what you're supposed to do.

tried scp examples at Google ?

what kind of system are we talking about here ?

i finished installing the openwrt. and i can login into it using ssh. can i install LuCI ? there doesn’t seem to be any web interface installed.

Did you install a snapshot?

Sysupgrade to stable -

Yes i installed snapshot. Thanks

Yes, the "sysupgrade" image is the correct one to use for installing OpenWrt on the U6 family of APs. Here's an explanation from the wiki:

a factory image is designed to replace the vendor's “stock” firmware. It matches the format of the file the vendor supplies. You usually use the vendor's Web GUI to install a factory image. Please mind that only approx. 30% of all supported devices do require the presence of a factory image. All other devices do not need this special factory image and are satisfied with a sysupgrade- or other image. See the respective devicepage for details regarding installation and which image to flash.

i need to follow the same steps for upgrading to stable version?


scp the sysupgrade file over to /tmp, then run sysupgrade /tmp/

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alright, thanks