Installing OpenWrt on Raspberry pi4 over Network

Since It is possible to install so many Rpi4 OS including Homeassistant over the network so why not OpenWrt? @developers...

how does the rapsberry pi imager get onto the SD card ?

catch 22, imho.

also, it can't be done without a monitor.

The network bootloader is to be installed once only, and with the new rpi4 it will come pre-installed.
So it will be just inserted card attach peripherals and start installing the OS of choice.

For monitor, you can always use a cheap capture card, I bought mine for 4.77USD exactly like the one in this video, with the added advantage of being able to record what you are doing.

so you're not gaining anything, since something have to be written to the card anyway, by another device.

assuming it comes with a SD card...

since it has to be capable of using the network interface, I wonder why they didn't implement
a head less feature ...

If it comes pre-installed, you will not be writing anything to the card, or if you have already updated the bootloader since you were using the rpi4 for some other project, it will just insert the card and attach peripherals. Boot into the new "network install screen " choose the OS 0fyour choice and install.

You can even use a USB or SSD drive since the networking bootloader also supports booting off a USB drive.

Bootloader stays onboard EEPROM.

ah, then it makes sense.


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