Installing OpenWrt on my ubiquiti edgerouter x sfp router

I have a Ubiquiti edgerouter x sfp router running OS v2.0.9 and I would like to install the open wrt onto it so that I am able to use VPN services on some of my devices.
I know that there are extensive topics on this already, but some are so old and reflect the older OS that I find it quite confusing. I am not a complete Noob with this stuff as I am well rehearsed in computers/networks as they pertain to cellular telephone sites (i'm a field tech for a major mobility company), I just am very afraid of bricking my unit.
Is there a clear, simple, step-by-step set of directions anywhere on here that I can follow that reflects the current OS from Ubiquiti?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've followed the guide in the ToH a few months ago for a regular ER-X and it was pretty easy to follow. The only caveat for SFP afaik is that you need to use snapshot image (and install WebUI afterwards if you need it) in order to use SFP.

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Thanks for replying and offering up some help, but this is where I become concerned. I have had to rebuild cell site routers in the middle of the night line by line, and I know that if I don't follow the instructions written down and proven that I have to reset everything and start all over. I am not sure what you mean about snapshot image and WebUI as they pertain to this issue.

Upgrade the Ubiquiti OS if necessary to make sure you have the latest bootloader which includes a TFTP recovery feature. Then you can always flash back to stock OS by using TFTP.

You can tell that the bootloader has TFTP recovery by activating it by holding down the reset button while turning the power on. After about 30 seconds (keep holding the button the whole time), the port LEDs should start blinking in "wig-wag" fashion even with no cables connected to the ports. This may cause the configuration to reset to defaults so don't try this on a router that's configured and deployed.

With the TFTP recovery it's not going to get in a situation where you can't flash back to stock.

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Thanks. I believe that i have the most current OS, and seem to remember that flashing pattern when I had to do a factory reset after a previously failed attempt to install openwrt on my machine......before finding this forum page!

What does TFTP stand for?