Installing OpenWrt on my GL.iNet GL-AR750 300 Mbps router step by step...I'm a Linux and OpenWrt newbie

I have a sagemcom ST3686 cable modem. My idea is to install it in bridge mode and then use the GL.iNet as a neutral router. Logically, I would first install openwrt on the neutral router and when it works and does all the work, I would call the phone company to put the st3686 in bridge mode.
I want to contract nordVPN and make the neutral router compatible, so that all the devices I connect to it are protected by nordVPN and count as a single device.
Thanks to a fellow forum member I have the image
This is my story but, as I said before, I'm a newbie and I understand zero about Linux and openwrt... can anyone help me?
Think it would be step by step what I would have to do.

Thank you very much in advance and excuse my total ignorance, I don't want to turn the router into a brick. :roll_eyes:


Just a remark, VPN doesn't provide any extra protection from anything at all.

Geo lock bypass and/or geo location masking, sure, but not much else.

thank you soooo much, it's amazing.
Now to work hardly, my godness! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :wink:
You are greatfull

Do you think it's not enough to protect your identity? and what about p2p... :grinning:

Your "identity" online isn't tracked by IP, it's tracked by cookies, they won't change/go
away just because you move your traffic from your ISP to a VPN provider.

If you want to stay "untracked", don't log on to any services while online, use an anonymizing browser, and clear your cookies, all the time. But you don't need a VPN for that.

Sure, if you do illegal stuff online, then there might be a purpose, but the VPN company will
not "protect" you and your ID, and will gladly hand your ass over to the authorities, if they'd be
asked for it.


Thanks for your advice, the VPN is not a matter of going to do anything bad or illegal ... it is that our privacy is important because it is a right, it is ours.

I have no social networks and it would not even cross my mind to enter the dark web.
I really thank you your advices, I'm here to learn and after helo other people :+1::+1:

In that case, you have zero use of VPN.
Unless you need something that will slow down your internet experience :wink: