Installing OpenWrt on Mikrotik HES S RB760iGS

Hello everyone, I'm trying to install an operwrt on Mikrotik HES S RB760iGS, I did everything as in the instructions, but the SOFTWARE with openwrt does not load.
Has anyone managed to install it ?

Hi @maksim2sergeevich,

I am running Openwrt without issue on my two rb760iGS.
There was a problem fixed in early November where Openwrt would sometimes fail to boot on this device:

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hello, if this bug was fixed, it was added to version 19.07.4 or, more simply, where are the files with the working firmware?

There has not been a new Openwrt (numbered) release since 760igs support was added, so firmware for it is available in Openwrt snapshots:

netboot and install images


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Thank you, everything worked out, tell me if you know, and when will the next release of operwrt, which will include these changes

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