Installing OpenWRT on Linksys RE7000 Extender

Your AP only needs an address on one network -- the one that is used to manage the device. The other networks are typically unmanaged because
a) the routing is handled upstream
b) you probably don't want/need an address on the other networks. Specifically, guest and IoT and other untrusted devices don't need to be able to access the AP.

In the forums, yes, this is much easier. In most situations, you can get the entire picture with just 4 config files, as compared to far more screenshots. It's also easier to track/compare everything via config files.

Otherwise, I actually use both LuCI and CLI, depending on what I'm doing. You can and should use whatever is most comfortable to you, but having familiarity with both is useful.

Possibly. I cannot comment on this, but you could open a new thread for this specific issue.

you're welcome!

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