Installing OpenWrt on Fritzbox 7360 v2

how do install openwrt on fritzbox 7360 v2
lantiq xway vrx288

cant find it here
this is my first time

i found this
there is only a upgrade not a install file

Are you sure the V2 is supported, only the V1 is mentioned in the toh.

not sure.
when you google (fritzbox 7360 v2) you only get fritzbox 7360
i found a site telling it has more flash (dutch)

can i just throw openwrt at it and see if it works ??

looked up the chips



lantiq xway vrx288

FYI - Support for Fritzbox 7360 v2 has been added with commit;a=commit;h=78bebe680f67e8967c2baad8a5c07035d431f9d5

For installation instructions see this git-commit.

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