Installing Openwrt on Dl-wrx36

Hello..Im having an issue installing openwrt on dl-wrx36..I followed the wiki and Im stuck at the openwrt ssh part,after doing fw_setenv and rebooting it reverts and Im unable to ssh to openwrt login..Im following the guide carefully from my linux pc through ethernet and im stuck..Any help is highly appreciated..Thanks in Advance


Just to be clear the part Im stuck at is the initramfs boot..because the firmware is reverting as it mentioned in the wiki,and Im unable to ssh to or scp to that address

Edit 2:

is there something preventing help?..any logs I can produce or something..multiple views and still no replay..I don't know where to go for help :anguished:

Final edit:I had enough with this shitty router..Im returning it and refunding my money..maybe I will buy something easier/less frustrating to flash like flint 2..good night gents