Installing OpenWrt on D-Link DAP-2695 rev. A1, works fine


Just this week I discovered openWRT, so I decided to take the leap and installed it on my D-link DAP-2695.
I am a complete noob when it comes to openWRT, but not when it comes to linux, embedded software etc.

Just wanted to share my experiences for installation, as it was not as easy as I hoped but still easy enough. After reading the quick start guide and also looking at this page:
dap-2695 info I had the assumption that the factory package could be used directly from the D-Link 2695 web interface. Unfortunately this was not the case: the firmware was rejected.

But that was easily solved, with the following steps:

  • In the D-link interface under administration: enable ssh (or telnet)
  • Download and run an tftp server on my desktop, on the same wired network as DAP-2695
    (made openWRT firmware file available on this tftp server)
  • Connect to DAP-2695 from that same desktop using putty
  • in the command line interface typed ( is my desktop's ip)
tftp getfirmware dap2553-firmware-v100-r0018.bin
  • Connected DAP-2695 and Desktop using a standard network cable.
    Changing desktop ip-address to
  • Browse to that showed the openWRT web interface, huray!

I wanted to add this to the afore mentioned page but I can't find an edit button there :slight_smile:

Thanks to all the people that made this possible: openWRT is amazing, d-link software kept disconnecting clients, nothing like that with openWRT!

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Welcome! Your experience is fairly normal - tftp is often needed to install due to various speedbumps the vendors put in the way. Keep it brief and succinct if you add info on there - or better add a link to use an already documented tftp guide page

Installation instructions go here:

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