Installing OpenWrt on a Wavlink WL-WN531G3 REV.A2

Hey, I've been looking to install OpenWRT on my Wavlink router as virtual servers aren't working on Wavlinks firmware.

I followed the instructions on the git commit but when I navigate to it returns 404 - Not Found

I can download the latest firmware from the Wavlink site, does this mean I can skip the backup step?

Also, I managed to repair my original router (an old Billion BiPAC) so I'm not too bothered if I need to do some messing around and experimenting with this little guy.


The insruction is for WL-WN531A3 device. Your device is WL-WN531G3. At least stock firmwares of WL-WN531A3 and WL-WN531G3 are different.

Oops, missed that.