Installing OpenWRT on a RT-AC51U to make it a bridge [Newbie]

Hello everyone, this is my first time trying to use OpenWRT and I'm struggling a bit. I'm using Windows 7. I've followed the installation instructions I'm pretty sure, but when I got to "ssh root@" using Cmder it timed out.

What I did(in short):
Downloaded the openwrt-18.06.4-....-sysupgrade.bin file from the RT-AC51U information site.
Installed and hosted a TFTP server.
Activated TFTP on Windows.
Went through the TFTP method("TFTP -i put open...sysupgrade.bin").
It said it transfered, but then I couldn't access it with SSH.

I might be doing something completely wrong or missing a step or two.

The end goal is to create a bridge from another router to mine, is that even possible/which method is the best?

WAN -> RT-N65U(Asus firmware, not mine but I've access) -> wireless -> RT-AC51U(OpenWRT) -> Ethernet cable -> my PC

Are you connected on a LAN port?
Does your computer get IP from the DHCP server of OpenWrt?
Does pinging respond?

Yes, the first one.

Had a static IP of, but nothing changed when I set it to When I set it to automatic I got instead.

No, I get request timed out if my IP is static at (Accidentally pinged from first.)

It means that OpenWrt is not running correctly. It it was you'd get from DHCP server.
I suggest you try to restore the factory firmware and try again.

Ah okay that worked! I understood it as the firmware restoration reset it to Asus firmware, so used the TFTP method instead.

Which bridge option would you recommend? Or is it even possible?

Does the main router connected with WAN need to be a AP? Because it's currently in "Wireless Router Mode".

Not all chips are capable of bridging client (or station) mode with the LAN. Therefore you need to try the various options and see which works best.

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