Installing OpenWrt on a dd-wrt router

I have an old LINKSYS WRT150N Router with dd-wrt installed. I realise it is no longer supported, but should I expect to be able to install an old version of OpenWrt on it?

This hardware is unsuitable for OpenWrt (bcm47xx-legacy, n-phy wireless, 4/16) and always was, just don't even try - the RAM size alone makes that an act of active masochism and having to go back well over a decade in time.

In general, the procedure is always the same, follow dd-wrt's advice about how to revert to the OEM firmware, then follow OpenWrt's advice about how to install it from the running OEM firmware, but again, not on this hardware - donate it to a museu^wyour friendly neighbourhood landfill.

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It is likely that you'll be very dissatisfied with this router running OpenWrt due to the wifi drivers, not to mention the very limited flash storage and RAM on this device. The latest you'd even be able to run on this would be OpenWrt 18.06 (which is long since EOL'd and has security vulnerabilities), but even that would be tough -- 17.01 is probably what you'd need to run if you want it to be somewhat stable. If you do decide to run OpenWrt, follow @slh's advice (go back to stock, then to OpenWrt).

In this case, DD-WRT is the better option, but the best option is to e-waste this ancient router get something that has the resources to run OpenWrt.

We're talking about 16 -sixteen- MB of RAM (4/16, not 'just' 4/32), support for this little was officially discontinued with OpenWrt 12.09 in 2012 - and that was at least two major versions way after the fact of this no longer being sufficient in practice.


good point!

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