Installing OpenWrt on 2 Archer C6U

Can anyone answer my question is this possible that I want to do before I even start. When I install OpenWrt firmware for my routers, will I have and can set the following features:

  1. Wi-Fi Mesh between routers
  2. All routers will connect only via Ethernet, so the 2 bands will be free for devices. That is 1 main router and 2 nodes connected to it
  3. Ability to reduce the transmission power of routers to limit their overlap
  4. Opportunity for Roaming Assistant
  5. Having only one SSID name at 5 GHz and one SSID name at 2.4 Ghz.

And if it possible, could you write links to guides/videos on some of those features and how to set them!
Đ¢his is the location of the routers in the apartment

Thank you!

  1. Mesh is usually a wireless solution, you're using wires.
  2. OK
  3. Probably, but it's radio specific
  4. It's the client who decides whether it should roam or not, but there are ways of helping it make that decision.
  5. sure