Installing OpenWrt in Teltonika RUT240

Hello Guys,
I was checking for compatibility of OpenWrt for Teltonika RUT240, I tried checking in the * Supported Devices section but seems like there is no mention for this router.
Additionally, I came across this post (Getting RUT240 to work) which shows some direction towards compatibility. I am working on an IoT based project, where I need to rebrand default firmware from the router. I am new to OpenWrt, seeking some help from the community. Thanks.

There is .dts file, and other modifications in that thread, so what is your question? Can you build firmware yourself?

Hi, Thanks for the reply, for some reason that link does not work for me (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED). But yes, in case I build the firmware since there is no official support mentioned in the device list of OpenWrt, will it work with ath79 selected and compiled/packaged. Since OpenWrt and flashing of router is a new thing for me, I just wanted to get some advice.

That link?

It looks like RUT240 is available in Snapshot now. Has anyone been brave enough to flash it and have working LTE? I hate running 2016 era OpenWRT when it has come so far along since then.

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I have the same question, any news about this?