Installing OpenWrt 19.07.05 on Dovado AC Tiny

Hi there,

I am trying to install OpenWRT on a Dovado Tiny AC.

However when doing the upgrade via the GUI, I get the following message:"Uploaded file was in an incorrect format." When trying to upload the firmware via FTP, no connection can be established.

How can I install OpenWRT on this router? Very much appreciate any input. Thanks!



There isn't a lot of specific information about the installation process on that device, but see the device page to make sure you downloaded the correct file.

@psherman Thank you for the quick reply! I used that file, to no avail...

I don’t have any experience with this device, so this is all I can offer. Hopefully someone else with knowledge of this device will see this thread and offer some better advice.

Gotcha, I hope so too. Thank you anyway :slight_smile: