Installing OpenVPN

I have just installed LEDE on my GL MT-300A router which went fine, configured it and it is up and running. However, openvpn-openssl does not install but complains about a kernel mismatch. Installing luci-app-openvpn went fine.

Does anyone have it up and running?

By the way, are there network or bandwidth issues with this site? I had to run opkg update and opkg install ... several times before they were successful, often I got a message about a network issue. I should add that there are no network issues on my end, all other computer internet connections are fine.

Thank you.

I have the same error. Did you already manage to install?

Had the same issue when I downloaded the lede image earlier than I did the install. Either try downloading the image and installing OpenVPN on the same day, or try compiling your own bin file via the make procedure. If you do not know how, I found the instructions on the installation instructions on Lede project site for my router model. Good luck.

Maybe you installed snapshot-trunk build. the kernel signature changes between builds, you should install kmods same day you sysupgrade, other packages will be no problem, but if days passed you should sysupgrade again. ... Or use a non sysupgrade-trunk build.

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