Installing OpenVPN Server WRT3200ACM

What's up guys? New to Lede. Coming from DD-WRT. Been having HORRIBLE issues w/ DD-WRT wifi deauthentication drops. I think it might be an issue with WPA2 AES. Anyways, seems to be working well with Lede. Thanks for that! Anyways, I've been trying to get OpenVPN server setup all freaking day, and I'm getting NOWHERE! Lol. Does anyone have a guide anywhere that actually works? I've tried using this one, but I get errors when trying to execute the openssl commands. Doesn't work, and I get stuck there. I also tried generating my keys with easy-rsa, and I got it all done and setup, and had tls timeout issues. I just want to get this VPN setup so I don't have to open an ssh tunnel every time I need to access something. I'd greatly appreciate it!!! Lol.

Are you setting up a server, or a client?

Client instructions -

Assuming you're setting up the OpenVPN server:

Try stopping and restarting the OpenVPN service:

/etc/init.d/openvpn stop
/etc/init.d/openvpn start

Then try to connect from one of your clients. If that fixes the problem, chances are that this is an issue with the boot sequence/timing. See this post for a potential solution.

If that doesn't work, post your config files for the openvpn server AND client (sanitize where necessary) and your /etc/config/network file so that people can look for problems with the config setup that might be causing your issue.

I had issues generating server and client files on the router so i generated them on my PC and then copied to my router and it worked well.

Generating the certs wasn't my issue. I generated all my certs, and set them up, then couldn't get anything to connect. Idk. I've given up. None of the openwrt or lede guides work. I can't find anything concrete that works. Just using SSH port forwarding when I need to access my machine now. Sucks. Spent 3 days on this, and finally gave up.