Installing OpenVPN Properly

I know there have been multiple topics about installing OpenVPNs, but I'm still confused as to how to actually install this. I'm fairly new to this open source firmware and my knowledge is still very limited to what I've recently learned. Anyway, let me start off by saying that I have a D-Link DIR-645 router and a Arris TG1682G Cable/Modem. Arris is on bridged mode, and my D-Link router is connected to it. I use it perfectly fine with no issues.

With that said, when I was finally trying out OpenVPN, I followed this guide. I copied and pasted everything word for word and the reason for that is because I'm using the same exact VPN company and the same exact server this guy is using.

However, when I turn it on in Services>OpenVPN, it doesn't work. it's turned on, but when I check an IP address checker, it doesn't mask my IP address at all. I'm pretty sure that I'm doing something wrong here, but can someone please care to elaborate?

I'm using the same guide. I can't get it to work properly either. In my case the authentication fails according to the logs

touch authuser
echo "my.email_address" > authuser
echo "mypassword" >> authuser

Since Ipvanish asks for Email address and password to log in I am flummoxed. Oddly it seems to mask my IP sometimes.....

Gentlemen, without your config files (obfuscate the credentials obviously) and the system log, there isn't much anyone here can do to help you.

I was actually just inputting my email and password in those lines. And you're right, to log in the IPVanish, we'd need our own e-mail. But I think that our e-mail is also our username.

How would you setup an OpenVPN client properly then? I mean Dumb it down to a point that a noob can understand.