Installing on X86 with 2 NIC port - eth0 & eth1

My question is why does OpenWRT choose eth1 as my wan port instead eth0? Is it because the live connection it sees or there's other reason?
I tried both with live network connection and without when I was installing but both time it picked eth1 as the designated wan port.
My device has 2 ethernet ports, 4 USB, VGA and a DVi connection.
There's nothing wrong with functionality but i was just curious.

The first interface must be the lan, to be able to access the device from network.
If there is a second interface, then it can be assigned to wan.

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Just a question, so if I change the eth0=wan and eth1=lan after installation in /etc/network/config
is that gonna be ok or the might be issues in the long run?

I would recommend against doing that (as OpenWrt will always revert to its own default after factory resets or similar), but you can do that.