Installing on x86_64

Hey guys,
I know this has likely been asked before but I thought it best to ask here.

I want to install LEDE onto a machine with a g4400(skylake) with broadcom nics and some intel nics. I plan to use a usb flash drive for install, so I assume the squash image is fine.

My main question is, how do I assign the interfaces? In pfsense it asks you to plug in an interface one by one so it knows which is which. Is my best bet just trial and error?


Try using dmesg and lspci then browse /dev and /etc/config/ network and wireless

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I'm going to read up on this further, but from what I understand, LEDE will arbitrarily assign the interfaces eth0 eth1 eth2 etc, and then I would just run something like ifconfig or dmesg and assign which one is WAN/LAN in /etc/config based on the mac address?

EDIT: Also do I need to do anything special for ethernet drivers?

The networking modules that are included in the build are listed in the "packages" file

Others can be installed with opkg, but that is pretty hard to do if you don't have any networking. You could download the image builder and make an image with the modules you need, or you could just try the pre-built image and see if works.

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