Installing on Reyee AX3200 E5

Can anyone help get me get OpenWRT installed on a Reyee AX3200? It looks like someone has come up with a high level process however it's a little above me. specifically steps 1 and 2

  1. Serve the initramfs.img using a TFTP server with address - Where can I get the initramfs.img?
  2. Interrupt the uboot startup process via UART. - How do I do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To get the initramfs image you need to build the openwrt image first ( since your router's model isn't available for support in official openwrt builds... )

You can further check out these tutorials for building an image for your router manually.....

You'll open the case and connect to the Serial header with a TTL 3.3 V serial cable. Usually the display will instruct you to press a key to stop boot.

I very much appreciate the response. That's a little more than I want to do right now. Hopefully it will get official support soon.

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Seems it happened yesterday.

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it looks like a good device, better that xiaomi ax3200 and Linksys E8450,Belkin RT3200 if the antennas are real

Photos are at

After siting on my shelf for 5 months I've finally found the time to get back to this. I've cracked open the router and am getting a serial console. When I select option 1 System Load Linux to SDRAM via TFTP gets highlighted but then nothing seems to happen. I've tried all 5 ethernet ports and none of them get a link light, my TFTP server doesn't show any activity either. Any help on what I'm missing would be greatly appreciated. This is what I get in the serial console.


No guarantee uboot actually switches them on.

A firewall would usually have that effect.

I appreciate the quick response. I turned my firewall off before I started. I also set the port on my TFTP server to Is there anything else I can check?

IP I hope.

I flashed mine without issues, and got PM from two members who's done the same.
I probably did it via the u-boot console though, not the menu.

Unless your ports or cable's broken, it should work.

I'm sure I'm still missing something. When the device is booting that menu I posted pops up for 1 second and I have to send one of the options or else the boot sequence completes as normal. Am I interrupting the boot sequence at the wrong time?

Nah, you're good.

I just picked the last option instead of the 1st, and did it manually.

Figured it out, the serial console in VS Code just sucks. I switched to putty and I was able to get everything installed properly. Thanks for all the help.

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